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3 Things to Do Before and During a Law Enforcement Meeting to Make it Effective

When the day begins at a local law enforcement agency, such as a police station, there will usually be a meeting conducted to keep everyone informed. Truly, it would not be wise to allow police officers and other staff to start their day without knowing crucial information that they might need to be more productive. For example, the agency could have information about a certain vehicle that is involved in a kidnapping. This needs to be shared with the officers in an appropriate meeting before they start their shift. In order to have an effective gathering like this, local law enforcement should practice these three things.

1. Check Technology

The key people selected to put the meeting together would do well to first inspect the equipment and technology that will be used. This meeting facilitator will check any computers, software and other components at least 15 minutes in advance to ensure that they are working properly. For example, you might consider the sound system to be very important during a meeting. Check the police station sound system by testing the mics, soundboard and volume.

2. Go Over Stats

During the meeting, it is important to go over important stats with the team. Stats could include the number of arrests that were made the day before or areas within the community that are spiking in crime. This information will keep them informed and make them feel more involved. You could also use this time to outline certain metrics to show the officers what is expected from them that day.

3. Ask for Participation

Know that the attendees will have their own opinions about the stats and information that you are sharing with them. When the attendees interact and voice their own concerns, the meeting will be much more memorable and productive. Learn ways to encourage participation from the attendants and get them to speak.

If local law enforcement agencies follow these tips, they are sure to have better meetings every time. This could mean that they will be more prepared to protect and serve.


Photo by R.D. Smith on Unsplash

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