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How to Get Political: The Common Man's Guide to Getting Involved

The political world may seem light years away from your hometown. Issues, laws and other political aspects do influence your life from these faraway places, however. Whether you live in a small town or major metropolis, getting involved at any political level is important. It's the people who hold the government accountable in any democracy. If you're wondering how to get involved on a political level, follow these simple steps to make a difference.

Be Sure to Vote

No democracy can function without a fair vote. Be part of the political world by voting in every election within your community. There's a lot more to voting than just picking out a president and vice president. Elections in your neighborhood are just as important. Read up on your nominees for the courts and mayor's office, for instance. Vote for the candidates who make sense for the office. Voting is your most powerful voice when it comes to being politically active.

Participate in Local Meetings

Watch politics in person by attending city council meetings. These gatherings might occur on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on your city's rules. The entire council discusses local issues and votes on them. As a community member, you have a right to speak at these meetings so that every opinion can be heard. Giving each issue a thorough discussion is at the heart of a healthy, political system. These systems are currently supported by widespread organizations, such as the National Endowment for Democracy.

Write Your Congressperson

Being active at the federal level is a bit more difficult, but it's not impossible. Write, call or email your congressperson when an issue is being debated on the House or Senate floors. Your congressperson should represent the values of your community. By hearing straight from the constituents, the congressperson has a better sense of how to vote. This particular action can be incredibly powerful when it comes to healthcare reform or tax discussions.

Join a Protest

Take a look at almost any city, and you'll find a protest being pulled together in at least one of those locations. In a democracy, it's your right to protest an issue or cause. As long as the protest remains civil and safe to the public, your opinion can be heard by millions of people. Television and social media give protests a platform for real change in the world today.

Find a Cause to Support

Being politically active also includes causes to support. Find one or two causes that are dear to your heart. Work with local groups to further the cause. Saving the environment or supporting local schools are just two causes that are important and intertwined with politics. Making the world a better place is part of a successful democracy. Be available to the cause whenever possible in order to see a difference.

When you really want to make a difference in the world, steer your career in a political direction. Working for a company, such as a National Endowment for Democracy business, gets you in the front door of every issue being debated today. By voicing your opinion and educating yourself on today's issues, you can be an active member in the political world. Be true to your values to see the world improve with your efforts.


Photo credit: unsplash-logoArnaud Jaegers

This article is copyright © Reprint and reproduction not permitted.

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